Destination weddings in Greece

With its rich history, ancient ruins and incredible culture, Greece is the perfect destination for a unique wedding. At Concept Events Planning we are dedicated to arranging unforgettable weddings for couples seeking a destination with a charm that only Greece can offer.

Whether on a beach, in a small village or at a private backyard, we have the resources to assist you in finding the perfect location for your wedding in Greece. Athens, Halkidiki, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Katerini, the islands of Spetses, Skiathos and Skopelos are just some of the locations we cover. We work closely with our clients to discover the perfect destination location and ensure all the details are in place to create a memorable experience for our couples and their guests. We arrange all the aspects and details of your wedding – from the legalities and paperwork to selecting the wedding venue, reception venue and organizing any additional services you may need such as flower, music, photography, video, make up, hairdresser, fireworks, care of the elderly, accommodation and transfers.

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Halkidiki | An intoxicating combination of blue and green

Halkidiki is located in the south-eastern portion of Central Macedonia in Northern Greece. It consists of a large peninsula in the north-western Aegean Sea, resembling a hand with three legs, Kassandra, Sithonia and Agion Oros which contains Mount Athos and its monasteries. The capital of Halkidiki is the main town of Polygyros, located in the centre of the peninsula. The coast around Halkidiki is close to 500 kilometres in length. It is home to countless superb beaches, almost all of them blue flag winners. The area also has other hidden gems for you to discover.

Shaped like Poseidon’s trident and sticking out into the Aegean Sea, Halkidiki is a treat for visitors. Lush green forests that reach right down to the beach; golden sunlight reflected in the turquoise waters; a traditional style with a rich gastronomic and cultural heritage. Endless coves, unique architectural sites, perfectly preserved Christian monument and a host of unexplored treasures all add their own rich touch to the unique canvas that is Halkidiki.

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Among this intoxicating blend of blue and green, the visitor will find major hotel complexes built to the highest standards, particularly on the first of the three “legs”, cosmopolitan Kassándra. Here there are also traditional seafront guesthouses, little hidden treasures and marinas along the coast at Sithonia, as well as some unique archaeological sites. These include Ancient Olynthus. Stágeira, the birthplace of Aristotle and, of course, Mount Athos, a unique Christian monument, untouched by the passing of time and a living monument to Byzantine culture, standing in the midst of untouched nature.

Halkidiki is also home to many earthly paradises for those who love mountains. Paths for mountain biking and walking cut their way through the forests of pine, oak, fir and chestnut trees. Here you can feel the pure air refreshing every cell in your body, and crystal clear refreshingly cool water gushes from dozens of hidden springs for you to quench your thirst. If you’d like to stay in the mountains, check out the traditional guesthouses at Holomóntas and in other areas up on the mountain slopes.

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Of course, anyone who wants to truly feel the vastness of the Aegean and O.D. on adrenaline at the same time needs to devote a little time to some serious sea sports! Windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, water skiing and many other sea sports activities are all on offer for you here – and the facilities in Kassándra and Sithonia are excellent.

This area is so well known – yet at the same time much of it is as yet undiscovered.

Getting there

Thessaloniki is the starting point for any trip to Halkidiki. You can reach Thessaloniki by plane, train, car or ship. Air traffic to and from the city is served by Macedonia International Airport (SKG) for international and domestic flights.